Reference Maroon Bells, Colorado


Acrylic on Paper


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Artist Statement

Throughout history, landscape paintings have always had the recognition of a spiritual element. Dating back to the 15th century, the earliest “pure landscapes” are without human figure. I find that fascinating. Over the years, my artwork has explored the spiritual experience that one has in nature and trying to replicate it. My current body of work was derived from a simple question that I asked myself, “why do I love the mountains so much?” which provoked an even better question of “why do I long to be in their presence?”. For many people a beautiful view can be freeing, refreshing and captivating. I believe it is because our hearts are longing for the kingdom. When we are in those views, we are experiencing a refreshing glimpse of heaven on earth. We feel closer to our maker. My hope is that this work reflects the beauty of its original creator and provokes you to ask yourself what you long for? Read more here.