McCamy Wedding- Aspen, Colorado- Karra Leigh Photography-548.jpg

photo by Karra Tipton


Hi! My name is Mallory M McCamy, and I’m a Colorado native at heart who is currently dwelling in San Diego, California with my husband, Scout, and our black lab Sadie.

I’ve clung to my artistic curiosity from a very early age and it took me all the way to receiving a B.A. in Studio Art from Georgetown College in 2014. I pursued my passion in painting and drawing as a full time career by launching my business in the Spring of 2016.

My go-to mediums to work with are a combination of watercolor and ink pen, as well as acrylic paint. You will more than likely find that my artwork is inspired by my birthplace, the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, as well as many of my travels. My favorite musings are landscapes, full of mountains and trees, or the wilderness and all of its creatures. My artwork has been described as whimsical and serene with a palette that often consists of earthy, cool and muted colors.

I’m a firm believer that God is the ultimate artist. He created all of creation for us to enjoy and take splendor in! My hope is that my work glorifies his creation and draws you closer to the heart of its maker. 

Don't be shy, I would love to connect and collaborate with you!